301 redirect in umbraco

Updated: January 11, 2013

Ali Taheri

I wouldn't recommend Url Alias (umbraciUrlAlias), since it creates multiple URLs for a single page, making it potentially tricky to trace back. Equally, there's a negative SEO value when you have multiple URLs for the same page.

Still insist on using Url Alias? Then at least add canonical URLs to the meta tags, as shown below. 

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Alternatively, you can use uComponents 301 redirect. Not installed uComponents? Install it now :

  1. Add a property called "umbraco301MovedPermanently" as a single or multiple text string to a document type. (Enter the multiple value separated by a comma.) 
  2. Add the below code /config/404handler.config as the first entry. 
    <notFound assembly="uComponents.Core" type="NotFoundHandlers.SearchFor301MovedPermanently" /> 
  3. Add a url to the page that you have added the above property.
  4. Save and publish the page.
  5. Restart app pool 


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