Creating a custom 404 error page in Umbraco

Updated: July 15, 2011

Ali Taheri

Here I show you how to create a custom 404 page in Umbraco with a proper 404 HTTP header.

  1. Create a page for 404 in the content section.
  2. In "/config/umbracoSettings.xml" modify <error404>1</error404> with the page ID. (This can be found in the page's properties tab.)
  3. In your web.config (system.webServer section), copy and paste the following code:


<httpErrors errorMode="Custom">
    <remove statusCode="404" subStatusCode="-1" />
    <error statusCode="404" prefixLanguageFilePath="" path="/non-existing-page.aspx"
              responseMode="ExecuteURL" />


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